Homo evolutis

I call this blog The Progressive Zone because I like to think of myself as a progressive person. Unfortunately, when some people hear the word “progressive,” they equate it to being liberal. My conception of progressive is neither liberal nor conservative—or maybe it’s a little of both.

When Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science, he explores a number of examples of what I consider to be “progressive.” Watch Enriquez’s TED presentation then read the rest of this post.

As you saw, none of the science Enriquez shares is “liberal” in the negative sense some hold of socialist government or late-term abortions and the like. In fact, the economic concept presented at the beginning is actually fiscally conservative. But no one would deny that both the fiscal approach and the science is progressive—at least according to my concept of progressivism.

Enriquez paints a picture of the kind of future we will get if progressive thought is used to get us there. The question it raises is, do you find this kind of world scary? There are likely many people who would be intimidated by the thought of humankind becoming Homo evolutis. After living more than twenty-five years in a paralyzed body, I find it exciting!

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