A man without a party

I’ve been registered to vote for years, but I registered again today even though I haven’t moved in a decade. So why would I register again? Because I didn’t like my party affiliation.

I’m in agreement with most of the traditional principles of the GOP. However, I also agree with much of the Democrat platform. So it’s tough to decide how to register in the first place.

Of course, in the 2004 election I was registered Democrat so I could vote for a presidential candidate in the Primary Election. I realized how important it was to field a strong candidate to oppose Bush in the General Election. Sadly, it didn’t turn out that way.

Unfortunately, I’ve been completely disenchanted with almost every Democrat in the legislature since 9/11, when the party turned into a flock of sheep. With the exception of perhaps only one Senator, every other Democrat in both the House and the Senate have devolved into invertebrates, kowtowing to almost every major initiative the president has brought forward simply because they’re afraid they’ll be seen as unpatriotic or weak against terrorism—liberty be damned!

On the other hand, the Republican party has completely lost its way. It has goose-stepped behind the leader of the party on every massive failure and fascist move he’s made these past five years. It has bought into Bush’s claim to have never made a mistake other than the handling of the Katrina aftermath. Almost every major Republican in the legislature has adopted Bush’s affinity for corruption. The party is infiltrated with neo-conservatives, and none of the others see that neo-cons are anything but conservative. The party has abandoned all of its traditional principles—the ones that I believe in—so I don’t even recognize it anymore.

I finally got fed up with all of the political parties. I don’t want to affiliate with any of them anymore, so I registered to vote. When I got to the Political Party section, I chose “I decline to state a political party” in the registration form. Not that I was leaving either party; it was the parties that left me. So it felt great to drop the form in the mailbox because now I can proudly state that I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

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