It’s spawning season for the common Politicianus localis here. The species is parasitic in the adult form as it attaches itself inextricably to its food source (the American dollar) and becomes very difficult to eradicate. But it’s a real pest during spawning season in Irvine because you can see the larvae sprouting out of the lawns by the thousands, making the street side very unsightly. The larval form is about 2′ x 3′ but completely flat, typically displaying colorful red, white, & blue lettering. Fortunately, most larvae do not survive to become fully fledged politicians and they will be gone from the lawns by the end of November.

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  1. Anyone who bases their vote on which candidate plants the most signs around town or on the four or five words they can fit on their signs maybe should not be voting. I think the signs do nothing to inform the democratic process and only serve to clutter up the streets. With the Internet, we have much better ways to learn about candidates than reading lawn signs.

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